Sunday, January 22, 2012

A plate, some cats and Pyrex.

Another slow week here in Hello Vintage thrift land. I had a quick thrift on the way to work on Thursday and again with the kids on Saturday morning but not much to be found. I had to drive right on by the garage sales Saturday morning as it was too hot and Master M is not keen on garage sales (whose child is this?? - lol). It has been ages since I have been 'sailing'.

Here are my Thursday finds:

This little platter plate is called 'Autum' by Woods and Sons England. Not what I would normally go for but I had gone past it a couple of weeks and this week it was calling to me. $4.50.

My first Pyrex with a holder. $4, no lid unfortunately but a really cute pattern don't you think?!

I saw there little salt and pepper cats coming out and I thought I might try and sell them as I am trying to get some money together...more about that below.

Finds for Saturday:

Mr M and I can't decide if our family is complete. At the moment I would say only a 20% chance of another baby. If I am having a warm fuzzy day with the family I think 'ahhh, maybe 40% chance'. If the kids are driving me bonkers it's more like a 5% chance. :) Even though this is the case I couldn't go past this vintage baby dress for $1.50. Once I got out of the dingy store I found a little stain that may or may not come off - doh!

I also picked up these shoes but I am not sure if I will keep the silver ones or not, they might have to be sold.

I am hoping to do some selling soon. Hmm, I have said this before but I have motivation this time. I am off to Melbourne for a four day/three night shopping trip in June. Yee ha! My sister, cousin and I have been on a similar trip twice before. The first time we went was before Master M was born and one when he was about two. Gosh I really missed him, I don't know how I will go this time. I think the kids will be fine though.

We do so much walking in Melbourne it is ridiculous. I will have to take a pedometer along so we can be in awe of our shopping stamina.

I am hoping to make some money instead of using our savings or dipping into other money. So here is the money raised so far. Ok, ok it's actually money that I got for Christmas. At least it's a start!

Fundraiser Thermometer

The week that was:

Not much to report this week but I had to put up this pic of Little Miss with a friends dog. I had to remind her to be gentle but 'Freckles' didn't seem to mind as she hung around anyway.

Have a fantastic week!

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  1. Those salt and pepper shakers are so cute! I'm about selling too good luck. x

  2. Love the pyrex - unusual design. Very cute pic at the end - so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Your baby's hair is gorgeous!!!! Good luck with the money raising. I so need to do that.

  4. Great finds! I had those cute S&P once, love the Pyrex & the plate, but by far the cutest is your precious little girl!

  5. Hi Sherry, great finds. The pyrex stand is unusual, and probably hard to find. I have sold a few cat salt and peppers, they did well in the past, so I am sure yours will too. Good luck with the fund raising....

    p.s. my son said the other day he wanted a modern house when he grows up...what????

  6. I'm yet to find Pyrex with a holder. The pattern on yours is lovely. ANd the baby dress is so sweet. x

  7. Love it, love it, love it! Especially the plate and those scooter shoes!! Have fun in Melbourne - I used to live in Kew and would LOVE to go back for all the op-shopping!!

  8. I LOVE those kitty shakers, I'd offer to buy them from you but I'm sure postage to Chicago would be insane. Lovely Pyrex dish too, I've never seen that pattern before-- it might have been exclusive to Australia.

  9. I love the Pyrex and holder!! The pattern is wicked.xx

  10. Great finds, the cats are lovely too. Good luck with your shopping spree sell off. I am selling anything not nailed down to save for my new kitchen. melx

  11. Love the pattern on the Pyrex and that dress is adorable, hope the stain will shift, great blog, I 'm your newest member! My latest post has info on vintage shops around Australia, it's a directory website, might help your hunting in Melbourne :)

  12. Your Little Miss is adorable! Love the graphic daisy design on the pyrex dish! that is such a beautiful little knit dress. You could always attach an applique or a ribbon of some sort in that spot, if the stain doesn't come out.

  13. Hi Sherry ~ fab finds, I love the pyrex dish and stand, it is unusual, I've not seen that design before. The cats are cute too. Happy shopping! Haizi x

  14. Oooh the kitties and the shoes! Love them! Good luck with the selling :o) Scarlett x


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