Friday, January 21, 2011

Some spare time to visit the op shops!

Green mottled HECLA electric jug with bakelite lid cira 1950's
Starting this Blog has given me incentive to have a look around the op shops. One sleeping baby and one sitting on the front of the pram and some time before I met my mum and sister so browsed two of the local oppies. Not much around. I find that op shop finds are rare and if they do have anything that may be worth something it is way over priced. My Sister in Law told me she found some vintage glass mixing bowls the other day in pints for $25. Right up my ally for me to use for my baking. Wish I had been there! Doh!  I did see Sylvac small basket (mint) for a small price but it is one of those things that I don't really see the beauty in. Some of the Sylvac I really love (like that gorgeous sugar cannister that I sold and shouldn't have) but not this one. I read that there is a garage sale locally tomorrow with 'excellent quality collectables and antiques'. Sounds right up my ally. Hopefully it is not someone I embarrasing. Lol. My little 'I love garage sale secret'.
Here is a pic of my favourite electric jug...well I only have two but anyway...

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  1. I am slowly going thru all your posts and I love this jug I have one with no lid or elemant and use as a vase if when I get flowers But think I shall get ione I can use instead of nuking all my hot drinks lol


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