Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Damn you Michael Crawford!

Yesterday a day at my SIL’s which is fantastic as she has three boys to keep my one boy entertained. We all trundled off to the bakery and sat at a park for lunch. The kids had a quick play on the play ground and off home we went. I was thinking about this blog and suggested we go to the op shop around the corner. The kids wanted to keep riding their bikes so off we went. My SIL goes there a fair bit and is a bit of an op shopper herself.

On Sunday while we were at the market looking at the books my MIL asked that I keep an eye out for a book for her (Michael Crawford Autobiography). She has the book in paper back but wants a hard copy. Since her birthday is next week, I found one on eBay and after checking that I could not get a new one (way out of print) bought it (made sure it could be posted ASAP). Guess what I found at the op shop for a quarter of the price yesterday? I bought that one also and my SIL was shocked as she has been looking for it for a year with no luck.  Weird. Kicking myself I bought the first one but what a funny coincidence. Just goes to show that you never know what you will find.


  1. I reckon we always find what we want at the oppy eventually but sometimes not when we want it.


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