Sunday, January 23, 2011

Granny and Poppa.

Stirling Markets every 4th Saturday

Had an enjoyable day today. The kid’s Granny and Poppa (my In-laws) came for a surprise visit (they did call in advance thank goodness – messy house). My MIL said not to rush around cleaning (hmm, I think they know me too well).  We decided to head off to one of the local markets in the Adelaide Hills (Stirling). Stirling is normally a couple of degrees cooler than where we live and under the beautiful big trees it was quite pleasant. My husband and his Dad did a bit of wine tasting while his mum and I checked out the stalls. I find that the quality of the stalls here are one of the best in the hills. They are full of quality hand made products and art. Lots of unique one off things to see. I spied some gorgeous red glass beads but held myself back. My son was very happy with his lucky dip and gingerbread man. We had a sausage sizzle for lunch and a nice chat with some locals we ran into. Great day overall.

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