Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainy day.

The weekend just gone marked Mr M's and my 11th Wedding Anniversary. Unlike last year we had a quiet day and didn't organise anything in particular. Our Anniversary fell on a Saturday this year (the same day we were married) and the weather was almost exactly the same as the big day 11 years ago.

This is what Mr M did on our Anniversary. Made this...

look like this:

Today I spent some time drilling holes into the concrete (Little Miss in bed), and I tell you it is so much more rewarding than housework. On the other hand I don't usually feel like this at night from housework...ouch!!

Anyway, getting back to Saturday. I though I might as well take Little Miss out treasure hunting because I can't really help Mr M when she is awake. I decided to go to a boot sale at a Church in a nearby town. This boot sale was advertised in the local paper. I was hoping for an oval full of cars... but there was only FOUR cars!!! Hmm, luckily the Church next to it was holding a sale too. They were selling off the old Sunday School chairs. I thought the metal ones below would be perfect for the cubby house that Mr M will finish one day (he just has so much to do but it's nearly done). He thinks the cubby should be mostly water tight so they should be safe in there. When I saw them I knew I had to grab some. I would have loved to buy all of them but I only bought four. $5 each.

 I also bought two of the wooden ones below (I would have liked to buy all of them also). Apparently the oldest Church members remember sitting in these chairs at Sunday School when they were kids. Most of them have repairs and they are so well loved as you can see. I love that they have this history.

How cute are the little worn feet rests. I wonder how many times these chairs were painted and how many children have sat in them. The one on the left has been repaired like almost all of the others they had there. The yellow one was the only one that did not have the side supports replaced or moved to a diagonal angle.

Next I found a Lions shed that I hadn't been to before. When I walked in and saw that nothing had a price I took it as a good sign. I had my eye on a retro sideboard in perfect nick that they wanted only $30 for! It stayed there though as we really need to de-clutter not clutter.

Speaking of cluttering I picked up the blue pie plate below in the city and it cost more than the yellow combined with a small mixing bowl and two Pyrex lids at the Lions shed. Love places like this.

One marked pie dish marked Agee Pyrex and the other Crown.

And this little cutie:

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Enjoy your week!


  1. Hi Sherry, I love all four chairs, but those metal ones make me go awwww. Their shape and colour, I absolutely love them. And only five bucks. Wow!

  2. Those chairs are so adorable I love the coloours and the shapes of the metal ones! Awesome finds. xx

  3. Oh love love love those chairs, i would have wanted to buy them all too. love their colour and style.
    and all that pyrex, you did well. x

  4. Home improvement project + thrifting...sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to pass a Saturday. Happy Anniversary.

  5. I want some of those chairs, they are sooooooo cute. Happy anniversary.

  6. Such gorgeous finds, those kiddie chairs are stunning and of course you know I'm going to find where you live and steal that blue pie plate ;-)

  7. You did well with your wonderful plates/bowl,I love the funky metal chairs.We had the same wooden chairs at the Sunday School I went to as a kid, so that must make them 70's maybe?

  8. Oh the perfect post! Renovation progress AND pyrex- I just found 3 pie plates last week- two were clear with floral patterns. And those chairs! The metal ones are just so unique but I love them all- you should have bought the pile as they are perfect for birthday parties! melx

  9. Im loving the metal chairs! The shape is really funky :P

  10. What lovely chairs & the history behind them too!


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