Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holiday mix.

I have been one slack blogger the last few weeks but I have been wanting to get here, honest I have. I do have some finds for you. They were all found on the Yorke Peninsula last weekend where we travelled for a short break. I am a bit behind on all of your blogs but I am getting a chance to pop in now and again and check them out and hoping to catch up properly soon. I have really missed catching up on the lastest finds and happenings.

Apart from what I have below, I bought a few vintage dresses and a skirt. One of these days I might even join you Frock on a Friday girls - maybe!!

Tooled leather handbag in excellent condition.

Vintage, black and white and good nick all over!

 Vintage aprons, $1.50 each. The closest one is my favourite by far. The one in the middle has a tear which I didn't notice in the shop. Don't you hate that!!

 This Pyrex pie dish was more than I would normally pay ($6) but it was in such great condition and the colour is so bright and cheery I just couldn't leave it there.

These shoes are all new, the prices ranged from  60c to $1.50 (the pink ones were $6). The sock reef shoe things were perfect at the beach as it was what Master M calls 'a rock beach'. Rock beaches are his favourite as he enjoys catapulting rocks into the sea and looking for crabs. Little Miss was getting rub marks on her feet from her thongs (flip flops), so these were perfect.

Terrible photo (it was getting dark) but two of the three dresses I picked up for Little Miss, $3 and $1.50. I also picked up a red dress with tags still on for $1.50 but it may clash with her red hair!

Why is blogger turning my pics sideways? Grr. Anyway, I picked up this vintage sheet set and

this curtain and

a set of Holly Hobby sheets. I recently sold a Holly sheet that I had considered hanging onto (I was very proud of myself for parting with it). This one pictured is going to be harder to  give up as I had this set as a child so they have sentimental value (I wuv them). I think I need to watch another episode of 'Hoarders' for therapy, that always makes me want to have a big clean out. :) Oh that and I am saving for the Melbourne shopping trip and I need more money than I thought I would. I was aiming for $600 but I forgot all about the airfare and hotel room. Eeek!

Linking in with Her Library Adventures

The holiday that was:

Dad and his little girl.

Master M.

Beautiful sunsets everynight, sigh. Wish I was sitting there with a drink right now...

The first day of holidays was perfect. We walked and biked it to the shop for an ice cream, we went swimming, Mr M and Master M went fishing while Little Miss was sleeping and I went for a beautiful long walk on dusk. The second day it was 37 degrees so we decided we would go for a drive to the nearby towns (once it was too hot for the beach). I did visit some op shops that day (evidence above). The next day it was 39 degrees so after a morning paddle and treasure hut among the rocks it was time to hide away in our cabin. Was a bit of a shame but nice to spend some time together. Master M calls the cabin 'her house' and we have no idea why. He named it that last time we stayed, he was two years old at the time and never forgot about it (I was pregnant with Little Miss at the time). That night we went to the local pub for dinner and unfortunately a few hours later I became sick and that was it fo me for the rest of the trip. Doh! Still Mr M got some more fishing in and took the kids to the beach. Some great memories were made.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Brilliant finds! I'm especially jealous of those bags and those aprons are so vibrant love them!! Glad you had a nice getaway. xx

  2. The tooled bag is awesome!! Major bag envy! Loving the sheets and curtain too. Hoarders - LOL. Yes, there is a short Youtube clip of Margies episode on Hoarders - the one where she wondered why her cats kept going missing....It always sets me back on track.

  3. aahhh those holiday photo's are wonderful that one of your husband and daughter is so sweet. great finds love that black and white handbag that is gorgeous and so is that red and orange flower power fabric. Enjoy your weekend, dee x

  4. Love your finds,they look as new!Pretty flower patterns. Your holiday pics are beautiful, glad you had a lovely time.

  5. Why have I been missing your posts? I love that tooled bag and the holly sheets you must use them so cute.I will know if your word verified in a minute and will let you know xx

    Ok am back and yes you are argghhhhh just go up to settings to remove them if I remember rightly.I am now off to be verified wish me luck hee hee

    ok wish me luck again coz apparently what I thought was an n and r was an m ok 3rd time lucky in posting this very drawn out comment xx

  6. Wonderful finds - especially like the aprons and the other fabrics. Good luck with saving for your holiday.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. fab finds, love the aprons and floral fabrics and what a treasure is holly hobbie. so great picking up new shoes at bargain prices too.

  8. Your little Summer holiday sounds lovely Sherry, despite the heat and you getting sick. I think it's very cute that your little boy calls the cabin his house. One day maybe you guys will have a little cabin of your very own. One of our dreams is to own our own beach house - nothing fancy, just a little shack.
    Love the tooled bag and I have a Holly Hobbie pillow slip you can have if you want. I'll need your address again though x

  9. How lovely is that tooled bag & I love the sheet sets....especially Holly Hobby!

  10. You little beauty re verification lol I also am glad I came over as I swear I was a follower but I wasnt there so had to follow again,Very weird as I used to always see your blog on my role anyway am there now xx

  11. Fantastic finds this week! I love that first apron too, orange pyrex is the best and that floral sheet set- my goodness- it's not for sale is it? I would be happy to contribute to your Melbourne fund for those flowers. Gorgeous beach pics too. melx

  12. Oh my gosh you found so many lovely things!
    I love the handbags, the aprons are so sweet.
    (YES I HATE WHEN I BUUY SOMETHING and am thrilled about it) until I realize... it is flawed! *uhggg* I think I have to do better look over rather than seeing something and getting all flustered & excited then *throwing it in my basket* *hahah*

  13. I'm in love with the first bag <3

  14. Blimey that's a good selection of finds! xx

  15. Lucky you! Really wonderful find! I especially love that tooled leather handbag.

  16. Love your choices, especially the aprons. So colourful.

  17. Wow! What lovely finds!! I absolutely adore the second bag!

    x Aliya


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