Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amazing orange sky!

We had some very strange weather last night. We had a storm warning but didn't get much of a storm. It would have been great to get a little rain as our tank is nearly empty and we will very soon have to buy water which is expensive and STINKY! Yuck! I have not edited these two photos (apart from the border). The sky was a warm orange colour as the sun went down, almost as though a bushfire was close - shudder, thank goodness it wasn't for that reason. A bit eerie but beautiful at the same time.

I love this tree that is on the neighbours side but it is a bit of a worry so close to our driveway. Hopefully if it ever falls it falls down the hill not up!

Well, I went to a garage sale last Sunday that Mr M thought I should go and look at after he had checked it out. Oh how I wish I had known about it on the Sat when it started because by Sunday there was  not a lot left and it was one of those old people garage sales where everything is retro! Ahh! Second thoughts maybe it was good I didn't go earlier.

 Bessemer Tray and retro orange salad servers like my Nana had.I think these will go in the caravan.

This tray has already come in handy when Master M didn't want to go to school so to make him move a bit quicker I gave him his toast in bed. It worked, got to school on time!

This was the cutest of the baskets they had there. Someone else thinks it's cute too. See that little hand below. She was hovering while I was taking photos. It has now been claimed.

How cute is this vintage kids apron. Aww.

Counting Rhymes has the most beautiful illustrations in it. Does anyone else have this one?

Such a sucker for old scales. Picked both of these at a swap meet. Do I need lots of old scales...really???

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Great finds - I love the vintage apron too!

  2. Amazing sky Sherry, and you still did well treasure-wise at that garage sale even though you were a day late. Best not think about the things you may have missed...
    What a gorgeous little apron. Very special.

  3. The photos of your eerie sky are great! (Particularly love the one with the caravan in it - major caravan envy over your van!!!)
    It's funny how odd skies and happenings can make us feel abit uneasy. I felt that way when I saw the youtube clip of that meteor that landed over Russia the other day. Have you seen that footage? Creepy and abit eerie - just like your skies.
    You did very well at the garage sale! I love the dear little hand creeping into the photo...and the tray is beautiful. x

  4. Love the tray, and that little apron is so sweet. You scored well, especially as it was Day 2 of the sale. Maybe you'd have needed a hire truck if you'd gone on the first day! I have a copy of "Counting Rhymes" in my grandchildrens' book shelf here at "Nana's house" - the illustrations really are beautiful, aren't they.
    We also had a red sky on Friday evening, a grass fire about 10 klms from here, thankfully brought under control after about 4 hours.

  5. Pretty sky pics! wish we could send you some of our rain. Love all your finds but esp. the flowery tray. I think I could probably recite every word from Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house and the rainy day circus books,ha.

  6. I have way too many scales too! Yours are gorgeous though! Thank you for your lovely comment re my little man starting school, hope your little one is settling in OK, little men really pull at their mummys' heart strings don't they? xxx

  7. awesome sky! they look like pink lemonades to me :) love ur retro finds and yes.... scales :)

  8. I think you absolutely needed the scales. I love, love those duck measuring cups! Everything is great : )


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