Friday, December 14, 2012

Thanks A Treasured Past!

Just a quick thank you to Tam from A Treasured Past.  We received a big parcel of goodies the other day which included my giveaway win and some other treasures. Check it out!

 Tam makes these gorgeous vintage stamp pendants. I chose the Wren, he is so cute. Here is her Facebook page. Have a look, there are some beautiful things to see.

  I can't wait for some quiet time with a cup of tea to have a read of my giveaway win!

Thank you Tam for the vintage decorations. They remind me of  'The Christmas Tree' which was a function that was held every Christmas Eve in our small town. It was held on the local oval at night and the Church would put on a nativity scene and Father Christmas would visit and give every child a present (that their parents had provided so there was a lot of variety in the size/price range of presents, hee hee). There would always be a huge real pine Christmas tree on the oval, the biggest I had ever seen. We would all drink raspberry soft drink in glass bottles. I remember dreaming of the day I might get to be the angel next to Father Christmas as he had one on each side of him every year. Mum later told me that I was asked but I had said no which would be likely since I was so shy.
When we would get home at night we would hope that maybe the 'real' Father Christmas had already visited us because it was dark. I always wondered why Mum and Dad were so certain that he hadn't been yet. I would go to bed and hear the sleigh bells - I swear! Did anyone else use to imagine they could hear the bells? :)

 A cute little book too! There was a little 'party in a box' as well but the kids already had gotten into it. :)

There was even more in the box! Some gifts for the kids, they were so excited!

Thanks Tam for it all, so generous. xxx


  1. What a lovely parcel! Santa came early :)

  2. Hello! Great story about your memories from the Christmas Eve party on the oval. That's the stuff Christmas is made of - great memories and happy times. You got such a beautiful parcel of goodies! How sweet of Tam. Your pendant is gorgeous. I have a thing for birds so I reckon I would have chosen that one too. Happy Holidays and a great Christmas to you and your family.xx

  3. Tam is a generous soul indeed and you just know she'd be lovely in 'real' life too, don't you Sherry...

    I remember our Christmas Trees too, one in particular where I received a bag made out of a bath mat! (you know the ones made out of scraps of rag) It was green. My sister, who I was intensely jealous of got a laundry set - little plastic bowl, sponges, pegs etc and REAL soap powder in its own teeny tiny box! I cried all the way home and got told off by my Mum for not being grateful. Grateful! For that thing? Who gives a seven year old kid a bag made out of a bath mat, that's what I want to know?!
    Still bearing a grudge, obviously! x

    1. Aww, not fair (but a bit funny - hee hee sorry). I can just imagine that bath mat bag.

  4. Tam is a darling, enjoy your treasures. The birdie is lovely too.

  5. Girl, your blog is amazing.. I'm totally in love with it, just discovered and already become an addiction! would you like following each other? Let me know <3

  6. Thank you for the lovely words Sherry, it is my pleasure xx

    The kids looks sooo cute! Merry Christmas :)


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