Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vintage van pics!


Took some more photos of my groovy caravan yesterday. The curtains are in pretty good condition apart from one that is slightly torn.  I am hoping they will all make it through the wash because I would like to keep them. I am not sure how much to change on the inside of the van because I like to keep things original. I think the fake slate floor will have to go and we will likely do a bit of filling in dents and painting the outside. Do I paint the cupboards or leave them? Mr M wants to get underneath and check it's all sound before we use it. Also check the gas lines or take it somewhere to do this. New foam for the beds of course, seems they lost their vinyl covers over the years. I am not sure if I should change the outside stripe colour or not, I think a 70s aqua blue would be cute but it wouldn't be original then. I figure we could take a photo of the colour it is now so if we did want to change it we could always go back. Hmm. What do you think?

I know that a lot of vintage lovers/sellers use these old vans to sell/transport goods for sale but we are going to holiday in it! I hate tents, but I love caravaning (hmm, spell check doesn't like 'caravaning' - lol). It brings back memories of being a kid, so many happy times (apart from when I got lost for an hour in the dark at a caravan park at 4yo, everyone was looking for me - had a had sense of direction even back then!).  It would be nice to make some happy memories for our children (but not like the holiday where I had a tooth ache and had a filling done while my brother had a boil in his ear). This is probably not the best time to take on another project (in the middle of the extension) but if you don't do these things they will never happen will they.

  Mel, (Bungalow Bliss) you are right I will be using my vintage sheets in here without a doubt. I also gave some sheets to my Mum recently as she needed a project while she was recovering from a procedure (will show you soon what she came up with, it's really cool).

When we pulled the foam bed out on the right we noticed there had been a small water leak but luckily it had been fixed before any major damage was done. It has been through two storms since we got it home and no leaks thank goodness. Will be sorting out shelter for it very soon.

                                          Hmm. This curtain looks upside down?! Strange.

Well there you go. The kids have loved playing in it as we have had some nice sunny days recently so it has been getting an air with the door and windows open. Can't wait to book in a short break away. :)

Have a great weekend.


PS Has anyone got any suggestions for a name for the van?


  1. LOVE YOUR VAN! What a fantastic purchase. I love the idea of keeping it all original too. The curtains are great! I also love the idea of giving your children some great caravaning (speaking of spelling?!) holidays like you had. (minus the toothache and Can't wait to hear about your holidaying adventures when the time comes. I'm thinking 'Bessy' for the van. xx

  2. I've always liked the name Betty! Love the pics, you and your family will have so much fun in her.

  3. I. Love. Your Caravan.
    I am so glad you're going to keep it as original as you can Sherry, because I think it's just lovely the way it is.
    I hate camping too, but family holidays in our (orange interior) caravan are among some of my happiest memories as a kid.
    I'm sad to say though, if we took our girls on a holiday on wheels it would be a disaster. We would probably be thrown out of the caravan park!
    Let me know if your curtains survive the wash - I've got some almost identical (scarily so) in great nick you can have x

    p.s. how about Vanessa?

  4. The caravan is soo cool. My dad sold our old 1950's van in the 80's for $200! He should have kept it. It was always stinkin hot in it though and full of huntman spiders...eek! I don't miss those. I'd love an old van to have as a summer house in the backyard.

    Oh the fun you guys will have, make sure you take lots of photos.

    Thanks for the lovely comments re. the rings, I sold loads of pieces at the markets, and am making more for the December one. Sorry I haven't been on the net much lately, so may have missed a few posts.

    Have you had your trip to Melbourne yet?

    Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  5. oh my, what a beauty she is. The inside is just as cute as the outside.
    I'd paint the outside stripe too.
    Hope the curtains hold up.

  6. It is such an awesome van! I hope your curtains survive! How about Betsy?

  7. She is gorgeous, tropical curtains, maybe an exotic name?

  8. what a beauty!!!!! i have no other words. xx

  9. Just WOW!
    I love to see a vintage caravan, I have just restored a 70s Sprite and transformed it into a workroom.
    My caravan is called Maurice. You must decide if yours is a boy or a girl first, can be quite tricky.
    Will look forward to seeing more of your caravan in the future.
    Emma. X


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